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And now ? Message from the end of 2019 by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

The process of fusion in the light body is already well advanced for some …

This message of late December 2019 explains what is happening in these times of the Earth …

Go, breathe and let the Spirit descend to the heart, to the belly and reach the Heart of the Earth .

The root of Christ is born in your Temple, is born in your land and in Mother Gaia. This means that many of the processes that you have experienced before, in which your ordinary consciousness and the Divine consciousness have been dissociated, will no longer be experienced in the same way.

Henceforth, through the merging and integration of the subconscious part, the conscious personality, the supra-consciousness, the Divine consciousness and the Absolute, everything will be in one piece ….

Therefore, the ways of living the Light bestowals, the Baptisms, the behaviors, customs and habits of moving in this dimension will change.

You will be forced, not by any mental intention or will of your own, but by the evidence of what the physical vehicle and the vehicle of Eternity are asking of you, and which will practically demand that you maintain a state of balance, of continuous communication between Earth and Heaven.

That is how you will unite the two waters, the Waters from above and the Waters from below, making them one.

You have all come to facilitate the descent of the Spirit into this flesh, into matter, into this dimension.

During the last few years, you have experienced processes of opening and great moments of effusion where you have rediscovered the link with the Divine Essence, but without completing the work to the White.

The work in White means that you pass from Black, which is not formed, the chaos from which everything comes, to White, which is the first emanation of Christ, Light, Love, Wisdom and Truth.

Thus, the White now takes its place in every corner of the Earth. The Angels and Riders carry the Good News of the elements from all over the Earth, warning that it is time for all matter to revive, to be reborn in the Authentic Light, in the Crystal and Diamond Light.

I told you about the solar plexus. In this center you will find the key to finalize the union of the body of Eternity and the physical body. Through the solar plexus you will be able to join all physical matter to the Heart of the Earth, since the solar plexus works closely with the soles of the feet.

In order to open it and work with it properly, you must try to maintain the purity of thoughts and feelings as much as possible.

You have to keep an open breath, a soft yet intense breath that nourishes the Fire, since the Solar Plexus enables you to ignite the fire of the personality and to lift it up through the narrow door, the Heart, the Thymus, which comes out through the Crown of the Head.

It is not necessary to be in nature, you can activate the solar plexus and be perfectly rooted in the Heart of the Earth in any environment, in big cities or in degraded environments. If you manage to establish your roots in the Heart of the Earth and roots in the Galactic Center from the solar plexus, then you are an indestructible vehicle, so to speak!

Now you must also be careful, for in the next few months the mechanisms of camouflage of consciousness, of containment within the dual system of the falsified matrix, will become clear and evident to all.

Therefore, you will be able to observe when the plexus is dominated by the external forces that force you to experience emotions and to project, permanently distancing you from your Heart, and when you retrieve the plexus in your Temple of Light. It is at this moment when you internalize yourself, that the entire area of the solar plexus will dilate and at the same time the area of the neck between the clavicles, the point of the thymus where the Divine Irradiating Heart is located will also expand.

These are two crucial points over the next few weeks, as you will notice the release of many forces that were imprisoning you, and still gnawing at you.

These two points, the solar plexus and the thymus, are the places where the ida and pingala currents, the masculine and feminine currents that run the sides of the sushumna, which is the central channel, cross.

In these two points will occur the dissolution of the seals that have kept the vital energy enclosed and trapped and thus you will be able to fuse all the vital energy with the Vibratory Light of the Adamantine particles.

Come on, let’s do a little bit of merging between the Temple of Eternity and your subtle vehicles. Let the vehicle of Eternity, your Essence and Spark appear totally in this dimension, let it appear at the front of the stage and no longer timidly hidden behind the personality, eh! Come on, let’s go there for a few moments!

In this way, the prāna becomes Adamantine Particles and the Divine Fire becomes the prāna. That is to say, all the differences you have made before from a certain moment will no longer be valid. Everything, absolutely everything that is part of the Earth will be informed by the Adamantine Light, by the Divine Fire in which each one of you, the Earth and the solar system are bathed at this very moment.

All of you will be born again, and the old laws will fall one by one. Now there are great truths, there are teachings that are eternal and will endure forever. You can see this because no matter when they were delivered to mankind, they still have the same validity. On the other hand, there are yogas or teachings that are partial and do not come from the Source of the Spirit of Truth which is always the same.

What sacred moments, what blessed moments! When the whole solar system, when all of you and the Earth, you are elevating to the planes of Truth, to the planes where Light reigns; where Peace and Harmony becomes not a goal or an intermittent state, but the True Life that you experience at every moment.

So you still have a few weeks left to receive the last Baptisms of Fire until about mid-February.

From then on, there will be a new stage that will offer you during the next year an immense celebration of Fire, Light and Love, where many Earth processes will be triggered.

Therefore, all these Baptisms are a preparation, a help to make you land, and for the Light to land on the physical body.

And you will see what the difference is between being in the “meat bag” or being in the Temple of Light! You will see clearly, as I told you before, when it is the external energies that manipulate you, when it is the vital energy that drags you (the vital energy in the front part of the belly), or when it is Peace that settles in the solar plexus and the Divine Heart in the thymus and begins to radiate from the plexus to the Heart, from the plexus to the Head. You will be able to see that the reality that you are is Eternity, is Peace, is an ecstatic and infinite Joy.

Well then, dear brothers and sisters, I am Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and I give you my strength so that you may be born of the Water and the Spirit, so that Christ may be born, so that the Child Christ may open his eyes to the new Life, to the new Ether, to the Light that you have always been.

We accompany you very closely, provided it is your disposition and acceptance. Call us into your heart and enter into communion. Call upon the Divine Fire and the Baptisms of Fire, opening your breath well, dilating you well and thus we will be able to come down and help you to fill your whole Temple with Lights and Colors, with Sparks of Fire of Joy and Joyfulness.

Let the solar plexus dissolve all the dark layers that still cover you. When it ignites the Fire on this physical body, the body of Eternity, which is often placed behind you or tries to merge intermittently with the physical body, can then, as I have told you, take command and enter the forefront in this dimension.

Thus, you will consume the last layers that still hinder the free flow of Light and Love and that prevent you from feeling and living that there is no distance between you and the Source, between you and the Absolute Love that you are.

Thus your base will finally find the balance in total rootedness with the Earth, with legs full of strength and the Spirit fertilizing everything.

I am Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov with the inseparable company of all the Melchisedechs.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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