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Choose love

By Christina von Dreien

Dear ones,

Currently we hear almost only about Corona and so many of our thoughts are constantly occupied with this topic.

But actually it is about much more than Corona and everything that has to do with it.

The earth is in the middle of its process of vibration increase. This transformation affects not only the earth, but also other planets and the whole universe.

This process cannot be stopped.

Humanity is also in the middle of this process. It is now a matter of those souls who wish to do so, to being able to accomplish this increase of vibration as well. This means that it is going towards more love.

There are forces, I also call them “the Unlight”, which try to keep the vibration of humanity as low as possible through fear and suffering. This happens, for example, with wars, but also with the whole momentary happening, with Corona and all the measures that are being carried out or are still planned, which cause unbelievable suffering and despair.

The decision of the earth has been taken clearly: love. But just because the earth has decided, does not mean that all men have decided. This is exactly what we can do now. And if we have already decided that we want to go in the direction of love, then we should also act accordingly.

We want a wholesome world. In which people respect each other and where there is harmony. That is the wish we have. All those people who are actively acting to enlighten people about truths that have been hidden from many of us until now; all those who are “only” at home and have to think about how to survive the next few months; all those who are doing relatively well and who are sending positive thoughts into the field and also those who are holding vigils, they all want the same thing in essence: An intact world.

This ideal world can only come into being if we choose love and do the things that feel right for us at the moment with this thought of love.

We need the decision of each individual for love – because love is the energy that brings our world back into harmony.

It is so important right now to make this decision for love very consciously, sometimes maybe even several times a day, over and over again. And each time we send out this impulse.

Actually, we should not be surprised when we realize that even our so-called democracy, which we have e.g. in the German-speaking countries, is not really interested in the welfare of the people, but in control, monitoring etc. Any political system, whether it is called “democracy” or bears another name, which has no love in it, will not put human welfare first, but will play a game to maintain the illusion that it is about human welfare. But in truth, it will always be permeated by manipulative influences, because our governments have neither the first nor the last word in the system in which we live. Governments, too, are the recipients of orders from other bodies, many of which people do not yet know they exist.

When we do in love what feels right for us, our own vibration increases. If we consciously choose love, this does not mean that we always automatically have to have a good day. Maybe we feel tired or feel that everything is taking too long for us. Then we can try to have understanding and forbearance with ourselves. Because it is not only the things that we have personally in life that are in our own energy field, but also the collective of humanity affects us. There is so much worry, fear and despair in the collective field right now. We are connected to this collective field. It is therefore important that we take time for ourselves again and again, in which we remember our light and ask ourselves whether the tension that we perhaps feel ourselves is really coming from ourselves or from the collective.

What the Unlight does not want is for as many people as possible to awaken. The more fear people feel, the more they are cut off from their love. That is why so much suffering is created.

But all those people who know that they want to do something good peacefully and feel the love can put something positive into the collective. In this way one feels better and other people find it easier to go this way, because they have already done some preliminary work.

So no matter what you do, no matter if you actively do something or not do. it with love.

And choose over and over again, consciously and anew, love.

Your Christina

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