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A few encouraging words from Christina von Dreien

Dear ones,

I think we all realize that our life no longer follows the path it has followed.

For many people, time is completely uncertain. Some things hang in the balance. Starting with the question of how long this crisis will last and what else is in store for us until everything stabilizes again; how to deal with the new challenges and how things will continue after Corona.

We only hear how many newly infected there are and how many have died.

But as we broaden our field of vision, we see that much positive is happening in the world.

Nature is just showing us how fast she can recover when we give her the circumstances she needs. Also in society, a lot of things are happening in the background that are good for us, but which we do not hear about at the moment.

Precisely because there are energies present at this time that want to bring us into fear and at the same time energies that want to support us so that we can see this situation as an opportunity and our consciousness opens up even more, it is important that we consciously decide with which energies we want to connect. Namely with the uplifting, strengthening, helpful energies that are also present now.

And this means that we consciously decide again and again that we want to see the blessing in every situation.

That we do things that bring us joy, that we see the positive in everything. That we connect with the people we love. We should change the term “social distancing” into “physical distancing”. As human beings we need contact with other people who are good for us. And we should see that we maintain the connections we have with other people from heart to heart.

We can look at the world as a mirror for us personally. The world is changing and so we too have the opportunity to take personal steps with ourselves. This does not even have to be on the physical level. It already starts when we stay focused on what is good at the moment, also in our personal situation. That we still have enough food, that we have a roof over our heads, that we have light and electricity etc.

And that we trust that in the end everything will be okay. Even if we don’t know yet when and how. I know that everything will be okay in the end, I can feel it. And I am sure that everyone who does not yet have this feeling knows it on a subconscious level. Because we knew when we incarnated here what was to come and we decided for it. We knew that it wasn’t going to be easy and we also knew that everything was going to be okay.

Also more good news:

I now have an Instagram account. My Twitter account is no longer active, I can’t get into it anymore. So if you want to follow me on the social media, please do so now via Instagram:


I also participate in two free online congresses:

One is the “Coronavirus Congress” (which lasts until April 6th) and my contribution will be broadcasted there on April 4th at 20:00.


I also made two more videos, in which we always put something positive into the field at 21:00. Of course we can do this anytime, but at 21:00 we know even more consciously that we are not alone, but are doing something together, even if we don’t see each other.

(New Horizons TV: Call for a worldwide 9-pm living room revolution)

In addition, the Govinda publishing house has made a campaign for Swiss book readers:


That was quite a bit of information. I hope they will help you a little bit to spend this not so easy time with more joy and confidence. It is so important that we stay in our hearts right now and don’t lose courage.

I wish you all love,


Die Vision des Guten supports

We are Peace - Christina von Dreien's incredible Peace Project, about to conquer the world


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