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The time has come to remember who we are. Christina von Dreien in Bern

For the second time I was able to be in the presence of Christina. This time in Bern. Again in front of a full audience. The event was organized by ‘die Quelle’.

She starts with similar topics as in Wattwil but takes us into higher spheres. My mind often has a difficult time to follow all the richness she is offering us. In the auditorium you could hear a pin drop; it is absolutely still. I understand how important it is to really listen. And that we can only open up to the energy that is presented to us by listening in the right way.

The wonderful thing about Christina is that, with her extraordinary consciousness, she doesn’t take a position outside of us. Again and again she emphasizes that we are the creators of our reality and can really wish for anything we believe in. I am so happy to be able to again give you an excerpt of Christina’s conference in Bern on November 24th.

It is about consciousness of unity. An invisible as well as visible mindfulness that is being lived in a very attentive way. For her all human beings are equal, and there is nothing to achieve. It is just about dissolving the filters that are on top, and to remember who we are essentially. Paranormal abilities were not to be developed. In each and every one of us a potential is lying dormant; it has always been there and will always be there.

She also talks about the Akasha Records (also called the World Library) and explains that the knowledge of the Akasha Records had been somewhat captured for a long time and couldn’t get out. But now it is flowing around the world again and can be collected. It is a renewal.

She talks about humanity’s collective field. That we are one civilization, that bring along knowledge from their former life (experience of the soul). She says that we can open spiritual channels like precognition or psychometry to see the past and thus obtain knowledge. That our own experiences help us to expand consciousness. That we receive inspirations directly from the Creator (from Everything That Is, also called Primordial Source), and from the spiritual team.

She tells us about our spiritual beings that accompany us, and what our standard equipment is:

We have spiritual guides (consultants) that take turns, depending on the phase of life we are in and which tasks are ahead of us. Christina compares them to Google, but also says that they are not omniscient but oftentimes knew more about us than we do about ourselves. They know what we determined before our incarnation.

The guardian angel watches over us.

And she talks about the runners. Those are beings that are available to us when we call for them. They would stand in front of her in a semicircle and she could send them to the future to fulfill a task. The runners do what we tell them.

She says that there are far more beings that are available to us. Lighthealers, for example, who are not human and whose task it is to heal us. She also talks about knights and elemental beings who are the field-keepers of the field of consciousness, that we create ourselves.

The question is asked how we can consciously perceive and communicate with these beings. And Christina again refers to raising the frequency and spreading the Light. For if you rest “above” the problem, that is no longer below the frequency of the problem, one doesn’t regard problems as problems anymore.

She is asked what exactly it means to let go of the past, and she brings up the example of a human being who walks across a crosswalk and is hit by a car. At home she/he is thinking about the accident and that he/she should have been more cautious, but only until we completely accept the fact that this incident happened. Letting go of the past thus means developing acceptance towards what was.

She also says that there are souls who chose not to experience things consciously, because that isn’t part of their task. One only regards something as difficult as long as one is not resting above the situation. As soon as we rest above the situation we know that we don’t have to worry anymore. She also explains to us that our emotional state is not dependent on outer circumstances. How, then, can we keep our vibrational frequency when there is something around us we label as negative? It is about perspective. By raising the vibrational frequency we change perspective constantly. With every step in which our frequency is changing we alter our perspective, and thus look at the situation in a different way.

When questioning mass media it is not about going to the secret service to get additional, secret information about a case. One should just look at things one can obtain easily and question if they are making sense. In the end it is only about finding our own truth. Not universal truth, because everyone sees things in his/her frequency that others don’t see. Ultimately, everything revolves around vibrational frequency. Everyone has a certain frequency, and if you raise it you can make use of other perspectives. At best, these should always change or transform.

We talk about purifying and harmonizing earth and sky. She shows us an image of a 7 or 9 element vortex. This design energetically builds up a force field which purifies the sky and harmonizes it, also the chemtrails. She again points to the fact that we are creators. She says that our attention is our fuel, our energy, and with every building block we put behind the physical construct we create a subtle energy field. This energy field is being built up by ourselves. It just reinforces our thoughts and beliefs, for it is our thoughts and our believing that contribute the necessary fabric. In fact, faith is all that is necessary. For it can move mountains. We have to remember again and again that we are creators. And we are called to step out of our powerlessness and to realize, hey, we’re not that small, just because those up there fly through the sky and we are standing down here. It is generally an illusion to believe that we are down here. Because we haven’t recognized that our thoughts go wherever we want them to go. We can also program water, give it a quality, we have just forgotten. We neither have to activate the creative power nor develop it, we simply are creators, and by knowing and applying this we can pretty much change the whole world.

When we watch media and see the negative we give these images that are arising within us energy. When we watch terrorist attacks, for instance, everything is just according to a divine plan, whether we want it or not. Just five minutes after watching something live on TV the facts are oftentimes denied. Regardless of this, everything has a higher meaning. All of these are moments of awakening in which human beings are suddenly given the opportunity to awaken now, right now. Suddenly awareness is at a certain point, and in this moment of awareness we get to recognize things we didn’t recognize before. This is how aha-moments are generated. Being creators means to consciously create, with everything it takes, one’s own reality. When we realize that we can stick a branch into the ground and know that by doing so we build up a field of Love, then this is so. Then this branch is a means to reinforce our thoughts. That’s it. It pretty much works like a microphone. But everything is only being amplified because we believe it. As soon as we put our attention onto something we can change it, because we attuned energetically. In each moment we are creating astral beings. The force field is also just a being that can only persist because we believe in it, for we are creating it.

To raise frequency we need a framework. That’s why it is important to attend also to the body, because we are responsible for it.

Detoxifying the body. When we intake a substance that helps us to detoxify quickly it helps us, but in fact it just needs our thoughts to do so.

We are not alone, you know. In a certain form everyone is here for a reason, and this reason is connecting people. From this perspective we can manifest things, let go of the old and add the new. We are privileged to accomplish something great together. To interconnect and to realize that we have the right to manifest something. It doesn’t matter what politicians are saying. What is happening is our responsibility, we can’t assign that to politicians. If our neighbor’s house is burning we can pretty much do something against that immediately. If we look somewhere and know that we are creators we can transform this single fact into something positive. And there is nothing stronger than Unconditional Love.

There is love and there is love, you know. In a relationship you refer to love.

Unconditional Love doesn’t choose where it is flowing, where it is going. It doesn’t depend on an outer situation. Even the emotional state doesn’t depend on what is happening around us. Our task would be to act as a frequency keeper. To attune to the frequency field. That’s why the points of Light that are shining brightly and that support each other are needed everywhere. And the means of support to accomplish something effectively is Unconditional Love.

If, for instance, I think about the Middle East I can change something immediately. The only thing I can do for a non-light is to send it Love. They are like in a cage and want to get out of there. Unconditional Love just flows, and it sends Love that is unanswered. If, in our job, we have to deal with people with whom we have problems we can look at it as an act of Love, because they enable us to activate Unconditional Love in our center. This we can do as soon as we know that we have it.

It works in the same way with the system. The politicians. People in war. They make themselves available for us to send them Love. That’s what humans should learn. You can recognize the “learning topics” because they are occurring over and over again. For humanity it is always war and arguments. It is our task to develop Unconditional Love.

That’s why it is about raising the frequency again. We should keep raising it until we know that we are Love. And this we recognize through the change of perspective, which in turn allows us to recognize this.

The question about animal abuse, butchering is being posed. Christina talks about respect towards Nature and that we should recognize that everything is alive. That we should treat animals the way we treat other human beings we like She says that there is actually no difference between animals and humans. That it is just our imagination to think that some being is lower than we are. “There are people who say that the difference between humans and animals lies in consciousness. There is supposed to be sort of a line. From this consciousness onward it is a human being, and from this one it is an animal. But cats consciously leave their bodies during sleep and remember that. They can walk complete routes during sleep and then reproduce them during the day. Therefore cats are more aware of themselves than humans. So this thing about consciousness can’t be true, otherwise the cat would be a human being. Also in this case raising of frequency and change of perspective are needed.”

How can one recognize the new children: “Everything that is beyond average. Similar to diseases. One labels the child. It is not functioning the way it is supposed to function. You notice pretty quickly which children are born with a higher consciousness. They simply need an environment that provides Love and acceptance and freedom, where it can blossom.”

I need to have my gallstones removed some time soon. Now I feel confused: “You are a creator, and the only limit there is are you. If you create this vortex you apply every branch with the absolute belief that it will happen, and so it will be. We can regrow our organs if we believe in it. Faith can move mountains, and if it is able to move a mountain it surely also can handle smaller things.”

I would like to understand how fear and Love are interrelated … why is one afraid to love? And why does fear exist? “Fear and worries always result from a lack of trust in oneself, in God, or whatever. There is actually nothing in this world that is complicated. You can always make everything complicated, but the origin is always small and compact. If at some point in a former or in this life you lost trust it is about letting go of the past and to know that we are not alone; nothing can go wrong at all, cause we have our guardian angels and runners. Fear and Love cannot coexist. At first you have to come into trust, though, and basic trust is the ground from which to send out Love. Why should you worry about what happens in a minute? It is said about people that they radiate more or less. But in truth they just use more or less Light. We are all exactly the same.”

Can you further explain the expression vibrational frequency? “Vibrational frequency is the energetic signature we are constantly sending out into our surroundings. It determines what we pull into our life. With every thought, every action this is constantly changing. Vibrational frequency is constantly changeable, and there are scales on which it is listed numerally. Non-judgemental. Acceptance is different from Love, it is free from value judgements. Whether something is positive or negative is again a matter of perspective. And the non-light is the opposite of one’s own opinion. This is now right and this is now wrong. It is a law that shows that one is moving on a level of Light or non-light. We elect politicians and are unhappy about what they are doing. But we have the chance to independently do whatever we wish they would do. There is nothing that doesn’t have a free will. Everything that has been created with a consciousness is alive. May that be plants, laptops, chairs, everything is alive, has emotions and thoughts. That’s why it is so important to respect the free will, no matter whose it is. Let’s talk about the glass being half full or half empty; am I an optimist or pessimist now? It is the same with our Light. Everyone has exactly the same great Light. People say that one is further developed than the other, but in the end it is about us remembering who we really are. In our subconsciousness we know that exactly. And this is precisely the reason why people become spiritual. They are remembering. We see a path, remember, and we receive an invitation, free will, the ability to make a decision that now says: I am remembering. Because we can walk paths independently of our environment, people, and systems agreeing.

There is no emptiness. It is an illusion. We say something is empty because we don’t perceive anything there anymore. But if we raise our frequency we can perceive that there is something. Our energy field cannot be perceived in 3D. Our energetic field is like my personal garden. In general, in a train, for instance, we only sit with people whose energetic field is in accordance with ours. If the other person’s worldview is, on an energetic level, according to ours we sit down.

Then we’re getting to our feelings. Good and bad feelings are subtle channels that are open without us thinking about it. They are constantly inviting us to take on things now, we just don’t understand that.

That’s why we should start now to talk more openly about the fact that we are creators. It is just a new perspective, and our society is growing thanks to that. And this is what it’s all about. Passing on some kind of perspective in a certain form. It is not mandatory, but society can’t have its way around it. When we know what we want we can create that and make others aware of that. We all have the exact same great potential. All are on the same path, also the non-light. It is just about remembering that nothing exists outside the Divine Plan. One can believe that this is not the case, because the non-lights are connected to violence. And, still, they are there to show us that we can learn through them and with our Unconditional Love, and we thus get to know and experience that we are all embedded in the Divine Light. We can also be role models for the non-lights. Know that we are remembering something. It is not predetermined what we are remembering, that is individual. The actual goal is to remember who we are.

Timelines: She shows us an image of lines that run from the right to the left, that melt into one line on the left side. “Each of these lines is a timeline. They pull themselves together from the back. Timeline means that it originated here on Earth, they have a chronological course and are connected to events we know. Parallel to these timelines are hundreds of timelines. The events of each one are always different. On one timeline there is the 3rd World War, on another there is nothing anymore. But all timelines run in a parallel way towards and away from each other. In the beginning they were all open, and in the end there is only one possibility, because they pull themselves together from the back. And that’s why there is only one possibility for an end, and it is a happy end.

What you see at the end is the Awakening. That all of humanity, even the ones that are asleep now, understands what is going on here, and that I need to act now. That is the moment when 99 % of human beings awaken, and when there will be an Ocean of Light. Earth itself is completely in the Light if every timeline is in the Light. We say that we melt them together. The end is certain, it will coalesce. Also this is about trust again. There is a higher plan, and it is facing a beautiful happy end. This has nothing to do with a date. It depends on humanity. Everything we do adds to the collective image of humanity. Everything we do is groundwork. If someone hasn’t started to remember, yet, but if her/his soul wishes to do so, she/he can just pass the groundwork. Every human being who remembers is helping all of humanity, because he/she enables others to get there faster. She/he doesn’t have to go from A to B to C to D, she/he can just jump.

After that it’s not like that anymore. Your own soul decides when it will consciously remember something. In other words: Instead of timelines with a happy end we collectively write a book, a story, a play. The program says happy end so that people regain hope that it’s not the worst timeline. This will take them into trust, out of worry into Love, and a second later we are in the open.”

When will a quantum leap reach the critical mass, and how many people are needed? Ideally it would be all of them. I notice that the quantity is pretty much there, we are already enough. We just have to connect, work together. Focus our thoughts in a certain direction.

What happens during a mass meditation? “During a mass meditation all thoughts are focused on the exact same goal. It is like focusing the sunlight through a magnifying glass onto a piece of paper. It does something.”

Can we assign the spiritual world and our runners to complete tasks for us? “Since they are here – and they chose so themselves, that they step into this job – you might as well offer them work. We need them. Through that synchronicities are emerging. When everything just flows the way it does, that doesn’t happen because of a 3D human being but because there are subtle beings, as well. One can make use of them and assign them tasks.”

I have nightmares. “Then the question is if you are on your soul path. Here are some indications that help you to recognize this:”

Am I on my soul path? This indicates that I am not anymore:

  • nightmares
  • depression
  • lack of ideas, resignation
  • discontent with oneself or the surroundings
  • lack of enthusiasm
  • lack of joy of living
  • stress
  • feeling stuck
  • living in the past and not in the Now
  • externally controlled

Am I on my soul path? This indicates that I am on it:

  • synchronicity
  • joy of living
  • enthusiasm
  • following something with passion and perseverance
  • following the inner voice
  • having déjà vu experiences
  • full of ideas, creativity
  • self-responsibility


The service we are giving to ourselves on a personal level is also a service for humanity.



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Instructions for increasing frequency, by Christina von Dreien


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