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The Vision of Free Energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. Nicola Tesla

By Adolf & Inge Schneider

We all know that the entire universe is a living ocean of energy and radiation in which myriads of particles of matter, nuclei of life and consciousness pulsate at different frequencies. It is therefore only natural that in the near future humanity will no longer cover its energy needs from fossil or radioactive sources, but will find direct access to cosmic energy or quantum or space energy. Nikola Tesla had already predicted that our machines would one day be powered by a force that is available anywhere in the universe.

For decades, researchers and inventors around the world have been working on technologies to enable such direct energy conversions from quantum fields, neutrinos, magnetic, electric or gravitational fields.

In the fascinating film “Thrive – What on Earth will it take”, Foster and Kimberly Gamble have shown what this energy revolution and flourishing movement will look like1,2.

These unique strategies include new ways of producing hydrogen in an energy-saving way and using it as a fuel. For example, the New Energy Technologies magazine, NET-Journal, features a report from New Zealand’s H2 Innovation Lab, which invented a highly efficient manufacturing process3. With less than 1 kWh of electrical energy, over 30 kWh of hydrogen energy can be generated. This allows the construction of completely autonomous energy centres and vehicle drives. Normal water serves as ”fuel”.

Similarly revolutionary are new types of magnetic motors that draw their energy directly from the coupling of magnetic fields to the quantum field. Soon there will be devices ready for series production from South Korea, Turkey or the USA. A compilation is given in a lecture held by Adolf Schneider on Nov. 24th, 2019 at a conference in Berlin4.

Energy from space radiation wants to catch the ”Neutrino Energy Group” and convert first in communication devices, then also in compact form in electric cars5,6.

And finally, our current nuclear fission technology will be replaced by a new nuclear technology that generates energy from the radiation-free transmutation of elements, the so-called “cold nuclear reaction” or LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)7,8. The amount of stable isotopes needed to convert energy is negligible and does not pollute the environment.

The technologies mentioned here are all based on normal but advanced physics. The latest findings in Stochastic Electrodynamics (SED) suggest that our cosmos is linked to countless other cosmos, space-time levels and dimensions9. As Dieter Broers documents in his publications, enormous changes are emerging, taking place on a hyperdimensional level of the Quantum Relativistic United Field and reaching into higher levels of vibration10. In this hyperphysics, as it was also conceived by the physicist Burkhard Heim, the cosmic energies are in constant interaction with our consciousness, thoughts and emotions11.

Access to ‘free energy’ therefore also opens up the connection to the “spirit of matter”, as the physicist Jean E. Charon already described in 1977 in his book12 of the same name. It was completely clear to him that spirit and matter must be in different dimensions. In his 8-dimensional theory, the electron has an inner spatio-temporal structure and is interpreted as a particle with consciousness, which can store information and is immortal.

«Free Energy», as it can be described, is thus about releasing the primordial energy present in the entire cosmos, which is also effective as Creator or love energy, on all levels and anchoring it in people’s consciousness.

Compiled by Adolf & Inge Schneider on January 25, 2020


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