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The questions we should ask ourselves…

Nothing will be the same tomorrow as it is today. But how do you prepare for tomorrow? Why don’t the governments have a plan B to prepare a better future with us? Uwe Burka, who has been active in this field for over 35 years, provides solutions that we have only just heard about. This coming Saturday, 19.9. at 5.30 pm, he gives a Conference in Renens near Lausanne (CH) about these burning issues. And not only that, he brings concrete solutions!

1) As an entrepreneur, how to integrate the idea of degrowth?

2) How to reconvert agriculture towards more vegetal?

3) How to induce a rapid decrease in consumption, tax or carbon quota?

4) What is going to happen when the economy will be relaunched after lockdown?

5) Won’t the efforts we are going to make be annihilated by other countries like the USA?

6) Will it be possible one day to capture CO2 and solve the climate problem?

7) Do we have a duty of climate interference in the face of Brazil, which is destroying the Amazon rainforest?

8) Is demography a problem for the climate, what are the solutions?

9) What about the relocation and valorization of manual work?

10) Why do you like nuclear power?

11) Should women take more power because nations led by women are more sensitive to environmental issues?

12) Vote green or change the political system more profoundly?

13) Is there a link between the covid and the energy-climate couple?

14) Can we take advantage of the current situation to organize a new functioning?

15) What is happening right now with oil?

16) Why are the European leaders not worried about oil supply?

17) Is it possible to live sustainably in a war economy like during the covid?

18) Performance or resilience?

19) Post-pandemic recovery, what about available energy?

20) What are the similarities and differences between the corona and climate change in terms of government responses?

21) European GreenDeal, how to do well?

22) Are we at the beginning of a systemic collapse?

23) Food shortage due to covid?

Where? 60 rue de Lausanne, 2nd floor, at 1020 Renens (next to Lausanne)
(ORLATI / Leica / Fitness-physio building)
The conference is in German and French.

And please don’t hesitate to contact Uwe Burka directly if you wish to oganise this essential event in your region.

Coco Tache supports

How to escape the growth trap!


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