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The earth relies us all

By Christina von Dreien

Dear friends,

Especially now, with the times as they are, we need to be particularly grounded. If we’re grounded, we’re better able to cope when we experience turbulence in our lives. We’re then also connected with the Earth and she gives us stability and can help us if we ask her to. For example, she can help us to dissolve fear and give us strength.

If we’re grounded, our soul is more completely within our body. Firstly, we’re more stable and, secondly, we’re able to perceive our body more fully. It’s easier for us to notice what is good for us and what is not.

Getting out into nature is, of course, especially helpful when it comes to grounding ourselves. We always feel better right away as soon as we get there. But we can also ground ourselves with our thoughts by connecting with the heart of the Earth, for example by imagining roots growing out of our feet. Gratitude also helps by bringing our soul more into our body.

Our soul has the ability to communicate with our body being, as I call it – because our body is a being with its own consciousness.

Our body is at the service of our soul, allowing it to have experiences here in 3D reality.

As soon as our soul realises, for example, that the part of us that is incarnated has deviated too much from its life’s plan, it can arrange for us to be given a rest period in which to reflect and rearrange our lives.

As humanity, we have also deviated from our life’s plan.

A correction is required, a different direction, so that everything can move back into balance.

Every organ, every cell and our body as a whole has its own consciousness. This consciousness arises while we are still in the womb. Our organs talk to each other inside our bodies. And the consciousness of our cells stores everything we experience, everything we feel etc. Our body and all our cells feel what we think and react to it. This is also why it’s important to make sure we think as many positive and empowering thoughts as possible.

Our cells also respond to frequencies that we don’t hear, see or directly feel in our day consciousness. But we can often perceive these frequencies indirectly, in that we notice whether, for example, a place is good for us or not.

Because our body being originated from the Earth, all our body cells are connected to the Earth on the energy level. And through this connection with the Earth, we are all connected with each other. We can imagine an energy thread going from our body into the Earth where it connects to the energy threads of all the other bodies. It’s like a giant underground network.

In this way, we’re not only connected spiritually through the collective consciousness, but also physically.

Each one of us is part of the great human body here on the Earth. Which means that everyone contributes to how healthy this whole human body is.

Your Christina

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The earth feels everything


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