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Hand in hand towards a common and joyful future

Dear ones,

Priska, Coco, Valeria and Bénédicte here with sunny greetings from our hearts. Sometimes life has different plans for us than the ones we imagined. We need to learn to accept and understand that the journey is the destination, and that it offers us countless learnings and insights. The path leads us to so much growth, if we have the courage to examine the entanglements and knots, recognize them, unravel them, and flow forward with the new revelation.

Today, we are full of energy for our new paths. In the meantime, we are excited to announce that what’s to come is genius, radical, and simple, and has to do with connecting people, projects, potentials, and abilities. „The Vision of Good,“ as announced in Catharina’s newsletter, will become more concrete in the coming times.

For today and the future, we have a special newsletter format for you: filled with joy, gifts, inspirations, opportunities, meet-ups, and contributions from pioneering futurists – this time from Christina von Dreien and Mathias Forster.

Sam Garrett interview with Coco

Last week, Coco released an interview with Sam Garrett. Speaking about human family, the importance of connecting, and get to the heart of what really matters now. In our opinion, it’s a pure pleasure to watch!

*What a pure joy meeting Sam Garrett, and entering his world of wisdom and being. Meeting him makes us understand even more why his songs enchant so many hearts! Music is part of his life since ever. It’s his way to express his devotion to life and to God.

He dreams about coming together as a human family “like the river, that runs its course, we come together in that highest prayer”. We can feel, that he has found himself. I’m so happy and so grateful for this interview, that resumes beautifully the life and the aspirations of this beautiful and touching singer-songwriter Sam Garrett, who lives currently in Portugal :

“I’m never gonna live my life to try to satisfy other people’s thoughts or beliefs about me.
I’m just gonna live 100 % in my heart. And 100 % with God !”

Word! Coco***

Activation of the Messengers of Light on March 23, 2023 at midday 12:00 

We will create a network of light around the world. On March 23, 2023 at noon, at the Jonathan seminar center in Germany, Bayern, six of the nine 500kg, 2.4m high Messengers of Light made of pure acrylic glass will be activated, which the artist Aurelia Wasser received and brought to life exactly 8 years ago. These shaped figures will find their place on all 5 continents. Sponsors are invited to assist in finding sacred places.

We are full of goosebumps when we think that on this day at noon, many people and light centers from all over the world will radiate their love towards the Messengers of Light, and together we will create a network of light around the world. Priska will be at the Jonathan center, Coco will connect with the Messengers of Light from the sacred Maria-Magdalena grotto in Sainte Baume, in the south of France. People from all over France are even coming to celebrate this important moment together.

The invitation to all of us is to „gather in your area, at your light or power spot with heart people, and make a contribution to the global network of light and consciousness together with the Messengers of Light. If you like, listen to the Soul-Light Song by Aurelia Wasser and recite the wonderful Light Net poem by Pamina Haussecker:

„We weave a net of light around the world.
Out of clarity and truth.
Until the world is completely illuminated.
Nothing heavy holds the world anymore.
We weave a net of light from all being’s light.
Yours and mine – one“

For tuning in and preparation, a community call via Zoom on the Messengers of Light will take place in French today, Friday at 6 pm and Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 7:30 pm in German– with the artist Aurelia Wasser, Coco Tache, Priska Broese, Mathias Forster, Charles Kunow, and maybe you?


The loving words we say

„The loving words we say have a direct effect on us,
just as color has a direct effect on our eyes.

The love that lives in another’s soul is carried into your soul on the wings of words.

This is a direct perception, not an interpretation.
We live with the soul of another, just as we live with flowers and sounds.
It is very important to understand these things.“

This is an excerpt from Rudolf Steiner’s lecture on June 20, 1916 – The 12 Senses of Man.

The VISION OF THE GOOD and Manifesto of the New Earth Congress in Zurich on Pentecost weekend, May 27-28

Before two projects from the „The New Earth Manifesto“ had formed on Earth, Patric Pedrazzoli from Die Quelle ‚the Source‘ called upon our wise council to create a congress that is now called „The Vision of the Good„!

On this Pentecost weekend, some of the most wonderful peace pioneers and future shapers of our time will come together under one roof to let the veils of the past fall away and give an outlook on where we stand, what tasks lie ahead on the path to a life-serving future, and to work on what the image of a future we want could look like.

On this weekend, we may feel and experience the power of inspiration and community, and be reminded that we are the change we wish to see in the world. „Our day“ is Saturday, May 27, with Nicola Good, Christina von Dreien, Mathias Forster, Daniele Ganser, Robin Kaiser, Ricardo Leppe, and us, Coco & Priska.

On Sunday, May 28, we will experience Dieter Broers, Vera Brandes, Anke Evertz and Steffen Lohrer together with Catharina and Franz. Join us – until March 21, 2023, there are special early bird conditions!

„When music falls on fertile ground…

On April 4, 2023 at 7:30 pm, we will have an online community call with Mathias Forster, CEO and board member of the Bio-Stiftung Schweiz, Markus Knösel, the farmer from Hofgut Rengoldshausen, Veronika Zucker, cellist of the Nuremberg State Philharmonic, Martin Möhler, clarinetist & orchestra board member of the Nuremberg State Philharmonic, and Verena Maasdorp, project coordinator of the Bio-Stiftung, to give you a taste of the „Ackerkonzert“ (field concert) that will take place on July 22, 2023 at 11 am at Hofgut Rengoldshausen in Überlingen.

Just the thought of coming together to honor the soil, becoming more aware of the importance of the soil and its fertility, makes our hearts beat faster. How beautiful it is also to think that the Nuremberg State Philharmonic with 40 musicians will put the radiance of music at the service of the soil and the Soil Fertility Fund with Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. Yes, let’s experience together the effects that music and soil have on us and on each other, and let’s tune in together with Mathias, Veronika, Markus, and Verena in our commun Zoom.

To make the Ackerkonzert possible, the Bio-Stiftung Schweiz has set up a crowdfunding campaign with wonderful goodies.

  • The money will be used to create a professional film so that the Ackerkonzert can have a sustainable impact beyond the event. The film costs half of the amount.
  • Additionally, the technology, travel, and accommodations for 100 people, 40 musicians, as well as the farmers of the Soil Fertility Fund and the Bio-Stiftung will be funded.

Insight from Christina von Dreien, March 15th, 2023

„What happens on Earth is also related to us humans. The future is not
fully predetermined, but there are different possibilities that can become reality.

The Earth has chosen to ascend and have a beautiful future, but how the path looks for humans depends on which possibility humanity chooses. Depending on how we decide in the present moment, and what we do and focus on, a different future possibility will manifest.

Each of us is a part of humanity. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions go into the
collective field as information and have an impact on the consciousness of humanity.

Therefore, we are anything but powerless. What we do physically and energetically
contributes to which future possibility the energy flows into.

We don’t have to wait for someone to save us to do something good. If each of us does what is possible within our scope to bring more love to the Earth, more light will be created.

And this light, which is connected to love, is what brings more good to the Earth.“

Appreciation of the eternal feminine

„Virgin, mother, queen, goddess, the eternal feminine draws us upwards.“ That’s what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote at the end of his life’s work, in Faust. What a wonderful metamorphosis of the feminine.

This feminine, which represents the gateway to the Earth, which gives us life, which nourishes, cares for and protects us, which sings with us and laughs and cries with us, which comforts us and lulls us to sleep. That which enables and supports the continued existence of humanity on this planet, this maternal principle, which potentially lives and works in each of us, is seen, thanked, appreciated and valued far too little!

I consider this to be a shame and an expression of a sleeping consciousness.

So I hope that each and every person, individually and as a society, will soon grow into this consciousness and from this be able to redesign the external conditions.

I thank all mothers and women in this world and also Mother Earth herself, for their loyalty, care, love and I honor you from my heart for it. Also the feminine, the maternal, the soft, the gentle, the intuitive, the nourishing, the expecting, the pregnant, the birthing within myself and within every human being.

I conclude with a poem on the subject by A. de Nora:

„I know an old lullaby,
That I heard often as a young boy,
When I buried my head in mother’s lap,
Tired from playing and jumping.

She sang it softly, as if a sleepy bird were singing in the tree;
I barely understood the words,
The melody alone lulled me to sleep.

The melody was so quiet and tender.
No matter how fast my little heart was beating,
It made me calm
And I fell asleep, completely filled by it.

Now I’m always searching, searching
For the melody of that old song,
That would sing my heart to peace again…
And I never find it–never find it…

Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Mathias Forster“

With our warmest regards, Yours Coco, Priska, Bénédicte and Valeria
together with all the wonderful people who make all of this possible.

Written on planet Earth around March 16, 2023.


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