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From the shadow to the Golden Age

No, not everything is won. We are really all asked today to participate in the resurrection of the new humanity, of the new earth… Here is another beautiful article by Monique Mathieu, which reflects the current situation and also invites us to prepare ourselves for what is coming.

Par Monique Mathieu

“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be among you, infinitely happy to be able to help you, to be able to guide you, but above all infinitely happy to participate as much as possible in your awakening; we are not saying “in your awakening”, we are saying in your re-awakening!

At this time, in the times that you are experiencing, human beings have many possibilities to awaken themselves, to better understand who they are and to act in consequence.

Your world has fallen into torpor! Your world has really been hypnotized, not by thought and its hypnotic power, but through fear and also by the very particular waves that keep beings from thinking correctly and just simply not having common sense.

Therefore, obviously, this situation cannot continue! We are watching over because this must be, it would be a failure for humanity and of course a victory for those who are at the head of these manipulations.

Know that those who are at the head of these manipulations are not necessarily those you see! They are beings that we will not name because you know them, and they do not wish at all for the happiness of men on Earth! There are many things that they do not understand, just as those who lead, those who are at the head of states. Therefore, these beings who do not want the good for their people, have not understood what life is! They have not understood the reality of life. They only see it through a small window, through their desires, their pleasures, and their greed. Life is not that!”

They open a small parenthesis:

“We have already spoken to you about this, we are going to act as a counterbalance to all these totally evil and negative waves that are constantly being sent out, that are like inaudible sounds but piercing for the human consciousness.

Therefore, to protect humans, we also send waves that are waves of awakening, that many human beings can pick up, even if they are asleep, and that allows them to awaken much faster and much earlier!

Therefore, we are trying to do all that we can to accelerate the process of awakening, because if this process of awakening does not take place…listen closely to what we are going to say: we will let the Earth act, that is to say that we will do nothing, even if we have the possibility, to prevent what must happen, and the Earth will react!

She will help part of her children who are in the Love for her and whose vibratory frequency is very close to hers; she will no longer support for long all the destructive beings at the level of her matter, at the level of emitted waves, notably waves of fear, of suffering, of violence that attain her consciousness. She will no longer accept them.

Father Sun, all the planets of your Solar system and Mother Earth communicate to help the Earth more and more in its ascension.

It is very important for you to know that your Mother Earth has begun her ascension, and you have physical proof; these are volcanos, earthquakes, etc., because she is obligated to act through her physical reactions in order to be able to fly off, in order to liberate herself from the vibratory weight, from the chains of the unfriendly beings who live on her, the vibrations of fear, of suffering, etc.

Therefore, we repeat that if there are insufficient awakenings, there will be great catastrophes on your Earth.

We would however like to tell you, be reassured! No matter where you are, if you are really the Children of the Light working for the coming of the new world, you will be helped and protected, because some great events are approaching!

There will be enormous changes in the months to come and this change will probably extend into another year. We say “probably” because, as you could call it, the “calendar” of events is not fixed. It could evolve depending on human behavior, the choice of humans, and especially depending on the awakening, of the liberation of human beings from this imprisonment in fear and lack of freedom.

A very great work is being done, you must know! This work is colossal and takes place behind the scene. You have the impression that nothing is happening, that all is static, that nothing is moving, but we can tell you that we, your Galactic Brothers, are very active, and that certain of your human brothers are also acting considerably.

Each person is working on the path that has been fixed before their incarnation, therefore some work on a spiritual path, of course with Love, others militarily with totally peaceful actions. (The military is not necessarily destructive, it can be peaceful, and true military persons will be peaceful). Military actions will serve to re-establish order.

However, as everything is in great turbulence, your Mother Earth will react, humans are going to react, the inferior forces, the world government (or the deep state) is going to react; everything will be in reactional activity, as well as the Light that is going to try with the action that she has begun obviously, to accelerate the process of the transformation to go towards the Golden Age, that the somber light is also going to act to gain time, to try to win, and to try, but if it does not win, to apply, as you say on Earth, the politics of the scorched earth.

Therefore, you must prepare yourself! We are not saying this to frighten anyone! Be certain that all the Light Workers, all those who have Love in their hearts, even those who have no awareness of our existence and of what we say, your neighbors perhaps or beings that you do not know, have the capacity to work for the Light if they are generous, if they are loving, if they have much compassion, if they are awakened. They also work for the Light! There are a number of beings who work for the Light! Those that you call “the issuers of alerts” and who awaken humanity work for the Light!

There is a convergence of beings who wish to attain the goal, consciously or unconsciously, because some beings wish to liberate humanity from its imprisonment in which the governments have put them and those who are above the governments. They work very much to liberate the people, and in a certain way, they do not know that they work for the Light. It is the same! They also work to liberate the people!

Therefore, a great work of liberation, a very great work of confrontation is going to accelerate more and more, and daily you will even see this confrontation between those who are totally asleep and those who have liberated themselves and who have become aware of the manipulations. There will even be confrontation in families.

We ask you not to seek confrontation! Leave alone the beings who are totally favorable to masks, which is something well beyond what you could imagine! It is not a question of health; we are simply talking about the vibratory effect of the mask which is something dramatic!

Therefore, do not seek confrontation! Leave people alone! Be yourself! Do not allow anything to be imposed on you! Remain yourselves and free, but do not try to convince people, because for them, it is security.

They believe so much in what is being told them that for them you are in danger, and to wear a mask and believe in what the government leaders tell them (in France and elsewhere), allows them to feel secure.

Therefore, remain free, free in your thoughts, free in your acts! Refuse, as much as possible, what others want to impose on you! It is a great work that you will have to do on yourself, a great work of positioning. This work is not easy because you are going against the tide. It is easier to follow the global current, the single thought, etc., than to stand away from the crowd and follow another current that is the true current of life in respect and in a new consciousness.

In relation to what may arrive, and we do mean “what may arrive” because nothing is certain, it is only certain that you will go inescapably towards the Golden Age! This is an absolute certainty!

Before arriving at the Golden Age there are three stages to go through.

You cannot jump from your difficult life, your life in duality in the world of the third dimension into the Golden Age from one day to the next. There will be a small intermediary passage where you must refine yourself, re-construct yourself, be reborn to yourself, learn about yourself; you will learn with the new faculties that little by little will be born and install themselves in you.

There will be the stage of great, very great turbulences, and you are in that stage that will last depending on (we repeat this) on the awakening of humanity.

Afterwards, there will be a second stage where you will begin to enter into the Golden Age. It is strongly possible that after having lived through this first stage you will live through a second intermediary stage to finally enter into the Golden Age.

At this time, you are submitted to years. They will no longer mean anything in the Golden Age since little by little you will understand the process of regeneration. If this must be, many beings at the beginning will have considerable help thanks to a technology whose existence you cannot even imagine!

Therefore, you will have this little intermediary period that, for some, could resemble a paradise in relation to the hell that they have left; this little period of adaptation, of total awakening, of acceptance, of transformation, of mutation, could last a certain number of years, but this will in no way affect you since you will be happy in this new cycle of life.

Afterwards, during a small intermediary stage, you will learn to regenerate your cells by thought. This will be at the end of this small cycle that will prepare you for the great leap, that is to say to the Golden Age.

Planet Earth will do the same thing as you. For the moment, she is in the shadows, her own shadows, in the sense that she is subjected to what you make her suffer, she suffers from the vibratory frequencies of beings (of whom we do not wish to speak about too much) of great harm even for planet Earth. Afterwards she will experience her mutation also which will last a certain time, and you will experience it with her, on her; then there will be a great, a very great leap.

So, there will be a transformation of what she really is and of what you really are, it will be a great leap towards the Golden Age, towards another dimension, towards the fifth and even the sixth dimension.

You will understand that this cannot happen all at once. That is not possible! There is always a need for intermediary stages.

It is like when you come to Earth, there is birth, childhood, adolescence, etc., there are periods that are necessary to life, to blossoming.

You are in the first stage. You are going to slide towards the second stage more and more, but for this preparation for the Golden Age, you will not be seven or eight billion! Many human beings will have left the world of matter.

Then there will be the grand finale, this will really be the Golden Age; you will no longer see life in the way that you have known it.

We have never spoken to you about it, but it is necessary to have these intermediary stages because it would be absolutely impossible to go from the shadow (since you are in the shadow) to the dazzling Light. Even at the vibratory level you could not do it! You would die if you suddenly went from your current vibration to a much higher vibration; your body of matter would be destroyed.

Therefore, there are levels that you must ascend until you arrive at the place where we and you desire to be.

You have programmed all of that! Before coming to Earth, you chose this very particular period; you knew that this period would allow you to really go onto much higher planes and in this incarnation, you have gained, as we have often told you, several successive incarnations which would have allowed you, in a much longer time, to accomplish what you are going to accomplish in a much shorter time! This is called accelerated evolution.

Therefore, prepare yourself really for the best! However, if the worst were to happen, welcome it, and know that in the worst or the best you will never be alone!

You will say that for the best you will not need to be accompanied. But, oh yes! You are going to perceive the Light in the world more and more in which you are going to definitively shift. However, you will still need to be accompanied because too great a Light could make you fall, not necessarily frighten you but make you question yourself and make you go backwards.

Therefore, we will be with you to take you by the hand until you have understood and until you are able to go to your destiny, no matter what that is, but towards your destiny!”

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