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Christinas Christmas message – and more

By Christina von Dreien

Dear friends,

Christ consciousness is a name for a state of consciousness of unconditional love.

Even though it can be difficult for us to feel this in everyday life, we all have the possibility stored in our DNA to access unconditional love once again. Because in our core, all of us human beings are love. And love means light.

We can all be beacons. And the more conscious we are, the better we can perceive this light, over time.
The light of every human being is needed, especially at the present time. We’re not here by chance.

There are many people all over the world who hold the light. We are not alone. We are many. We should keep remembering this, because knowing that we’re not alone gives us strength.

Especially at this time, light, understanding and the connection with like-minded people is what is needed. Our humanity and compassion is needed. We are only able to unfold this because we are love in our core.

I wish you many good wishes and much love in the coming days.

Your Christina

And just at this time, there are a great many people who need support. Most of the time, when we donate, we think of places far away where people are starving or threatened by war and persecution. But there is something right here, in our midst, that is immense and that we hear almost nothing about.

There are people who are left completely alone and have no support from the state or the authorities. It is simply unbelievable. We have donated some of the money that flowed into our association, thanks to many generous Love Stream 10 donors, to a private aid initiative.

We would like you to read this testimonial from one of the local organisers and then decide whether you would like to help in one way or another. Standing together and helping each other will take on a whole new meaning for all of us in the times ahead.
Here is the report:

Dear Christina, dear Nicola,

My hands are full at the moment. The last supply depots have closed for the holidays and we still have to distribute heating materials of all kinds and diesel and petrol for the power generators. Getting this all done is very stressful.

All the other “aid” organisations are actually taking a winter break now until March. Now, of all times, when so much help is needed.

At the moment, we are the only ones not taking a winter break but showing those affected that we’re not going to forget them and that we’re here for them. For a few weeks now, we’ve had new teams on location who go from place to place and from house to house, talking to people, distributing information and requirement forms, which enable people to reach us easily and which help us to network with each other better so that we can help even more quickly and effectively. The flood area is huge. In addition to the Ahr valley in Rhineland-Palatinate, the volcanic and southern Eifel regions down to Trier in North Rhine-Westphalia are also affected. Even after 5 months, we are often the first to come and offer help and support. It’s incredible.

Of 55 supply points, almost all have been closed down in the last 2 months. Free diesel and petrol for the power generators of those affected and for transport vehicles have also no longer been available since October. Because of this, we now have significantly higher costs to cover. Free food provision for those affected and aid workers was also massively reduced and now, due to 2G, many of these people and aid workers are denied access. This also affects access to supply depots. We ourselves have rented flats so that we can offer accommodation to aid workers and craftsmen.

At the moment we’re trying to provide heat and electricity to as many as possible and to organise everything that is necessary.

Over three months ago, we created our own website, which directs you to the virtual noticeboards for contact and networking opportunities, videos and reports on the flood etc. Due to a lack of storage facilities, we need this now more than ever. In addition, a blog will soon be ready to report mercilessly on the sad reality and the background to it. With this blog, we hope that, in addition to those affected and aid workers, we will also be able to provide a platform for various Telegram channel operators who are doing wonderful and much-needed journalistic work to expose the heinous events that took place throughout the flood zone. This is very important and will enable people outside of Facebook, Telegram, etc. to also be reached. We simply need more trustworthy, reliable and emotionally mature, alert people in our team in order to be able to handle everything that comes up.

Two days after the flooding, we (my daughter Zoe and I) started a Telegram group because we saw that no help was coming from the government and hardly any help was getting there, even though there were so many people willing to help. They just didn’t know how and where to help. During the first 6 weeks, we really hardly slept, were always online, available around the clock and were able to provide and coordinate a lot of help. Zoe also concerned herself with the large number of missing persons. She created lists and contacted those trying to find relatives, also abroad. That’s how we know for certain that far more than 1000 people are still missing and at least 4-5 times as many people have died than officially stated.

In the first days we thought it was only due to the scale of the disaster and the size of the flooded area that so little help arrived. Later, however, we realised that this was deliberately withheld and prevented at the official level. We helped to set up the first medical first aid post, because even two weeks after the flood there was no medical care on site – no Red Cross, nothing there. We personally sent out calls for pastors and medical staff. These were then intercepted by the police and sent away. Just as hundreds, if not thousands, of aid workers were sent away. The usual “right-wing” and “lateral thinker” routine was acted out, helpers and aid initiatives were defamed in the worst possible way, spreading insecurity among those affected. Many gave up and left, disappointed and horrified.

In the first week after the flood we started our first fund-raising campaign to collect money for petrol, diesel, tents, food, water, rubber boots, gloves, medicine, bandages, buckets, shovels, to cover expenses for small companies and much more. The decision to use the donation platform “betterplace” was spontaneous because, in Germany, it was displayed at the top in Google. I looked into it and found it to be very suitable. For donors, it is transparent and secure because they can even reclaim their donations. An attached email system makes it possible to stay in contact with every donor. This is something I appreciate very much, as do the donors. We have many supporters who stand behind us and trust us.

A thousand thanks again for the large donation. It will help us to carry on. We have already bought several loads of pellets from it and another aggregate as well as diesel and petrol.

Much love, A

Here are the bank details that enable you to transfer directly without deduction of fees.

IBAN: DE81 1203 0000 1050 8649 56
DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG
Account holder: Alexandra Tharandt
Intended purpose: betterplace


And here’s another profound wish from our side:

The New Earth Manifesto


The association “Living Earth” – which grew out of the handover of Christina’s project “The Vison of Good” to Coco Tache – was founded in a further step on 21.12.2021 to become a solution-oriented networking platform for the realisation of the projects and concepts which have been developed in long and careful work by many committed people devoted heart and soul to this project. Here is a special 3 minute trailer by Catharina Roland (film-maker of Awake and Awake2Paradise). You can also find the whole New Earth Manifesto under “Partner” on Christina’s website.

Or directly at: https://thenewearthmanifesto.com

Here is the beautiful trailer. Enjoy watching it, and maybe one or the other of you would also like to be supportive in building up new structures and future-oriented projects

You can make a contribution here, so that all this can soon be
realised and the Vision of the Good can be expanded in this form.
Click here for crowdfunding:


Thank you for sending the good into the field in this way.

A wonderful Christmas time,
many blessings and love to you

Coco Tache supports

""I only earn a few coins every day, but I am filled with joy and friendship. " REINIER SIJPKENS


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