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Blessing of Christ with Sacred Heart Activation by Mary Magdalene

Meditation and channeling by Anne-Marie Bataille

for COCO’s group


Take a moment to welcome our presences.

Take 3 deep breaths by taking the air at the base of the navel, by opening the Door of the heart, and really by welcoming our presences and also the presence of the group …. Music… simply breathing… to the rhythm of the planet, to feel our presence on the Earth.

I can breathe very slowly.

Slow down my breathing to breathe at the rhythm of the planet Gaia.

That’s it, we enter now in communion with our presence-group…


We welcome the presence of all the people, tonight, the whole group.


It is the sacred couple, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, who offer us a blessing by activating for us our crown of Light, to facilitate the connection with our Holy Spirit, our eternal dimension, so that we can be again connected to the Spirit that unites us…

… so that before the witness of the Spirit, we can move forward together, in Love, in peace, guided by the Light. He offers us this blessing of Light that we can feel. We are invited to open our crown chakra, to receive this Christic blessing, to receive these stars of light that will activate our crown of light and feel…it is an offering given to us by the Christic consciousness. We can feel these golden drops coming down our channel above our skull, there are 7 golden drops that are poured for us, for each of our presence and we can welcome these golden drops of Christic light that will penetrate our channel of light and with which we can breathe to simply let them penetrate our body, our cells and our inner grail.

I will keep a time of silence and communion to receive this Christic blessing …. music ….

Beloved children of the Light, we love you infinitely, we cherish you, we offer you this blessing to support your incarnation on Earth. We are by your side, we are in you.

Receive now the sacred activation of your heart, by the Hand of Light of Mary Magdalene who comes to offer in front of our heart, in front of our chest… Mary Magdalene goes around in front of each of our presence… to offer us this healing balm, this activation balm of our heart, this purification by the Light, this activation balm by the Light, this activation of our crystal of Light in the center of our heart.

We can simply breathe by opening our heart wide to fully receive this activation of Light and this initiation of Mary Magdalene.


This will help your humanity to grow together.

This will help you to better incarnate in joy, in peace, in sharing, in this new brotherhood of Light.

We are ONE, we are one great soul.

We are part of the great soul.

And if you still have fears, give them to us.

This is Sananda speaking. Jesus. Joshua.

Who offers this golden light that will transmute what remains in us of fears, conscious or unconscious. Offer me your fears, offer us your fears so that we can transmute them in the Christ chalice of transmutation.


The union is now given to us.

The union Christ Mary Magdalene.

We can open our heart, our consciousness wide to receive this sacred union, to put an end to separation, in our life, in our body, in the heart of our cells, in our being.

We can ask for the end of separation, the end of the world separated from who we are.

Again, if you have wounds from separation, give them to us. We offer you this sacred healing balm.


There you have it, so we offer you this gift of sacred healing so that you can once again recognize yourself in your uniqueness, so that you can move forward fully unified with your Spirit, with your soul, with your divine greatness, so that you can fully embody the divinity of Light that you eternally are. Embody this divinity on Earth.

Present yourselves free, joyful, divine, divinely incarnated on this Earth.

This is the voice, this is the path. We assist you in this.

Ask us, in your daily life, this activation of your divinity, this activation of your body of Light, it is your body of Glory of your new humanity.


Here you can visualize that you are closing the book of your duality. We offer you this metaphor so that you can facilitate your integration of this great passage.

Visualize this book of duality, of good and evil, of judgment, of the separation of your body of suffering and your past in duality. Close this book in Love and Light. Forgiveness is given to you. So you can grow together.


You can place this book in the Christic fire, in the Christic Light.


Breathe deeply, slowly and deeply to facilitate this integration, breathe fully.


Breathe with this radiance of Love, with Love, simply, fill yourself with Love, breathe with the Love that is being poured out for us at this moment so that we can become again those beings of Love that we have always been.


a huge thank you to our fairy organizer, who allowed this space.

And we can all hold hands through the camera.

Thank you… thank you…

leaudesroches@gmail.com – +33 686 705 269 – la Sainte Baume


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