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NOTICE TO THE POPULATION !!! : Epidemic of happiness, even more dangerous than the Corona Virus !

Olalalalaaaaaa… YES to all this, to create the world we all dream of…

Author unknown


A global epidemic is spreading at a dizzying pace. The WMO (World Welfare Organization) predicts that billions of people will be infected in the coming years.

Here are the symptoms of this terrible disease:

1 – Tendency to be guided by personal intuition rather than acting under the pressure of fears, preconceived ideas and conditioning from the past.

2 – Total lack of interest in judging others, judging oneself and being interested in anything that generates conflict.

3 – Complete loss of the ability to worry (this is one of the most serious symptoms).

4 – Constant pleasure in appreciating things and beings as they are, leading to the disappearance of the habit of wanting to change others.

5 – Intense desire to transform oneself to positively manage one’s thoughts, emotions, physical body, material life and environment in order to constantly develop one’s potential for health, creativity and love.

6 – Repeated attacks of smile, that smile that says “thank you” and gives a feeling of unity and harmony with all living things.

7 – Constantly increasing openness to the spirit of childhood, to simplicity, laughter and cheerfulness.

8 – More and more frequent moments of conscious communication with one’s Soul, Non-Dual… Being, which gives a very pleasant feeling of fullness and happiness.

9 – Pleasure of behaving as a healer who brings joy and light rather than criticism or indifference.

10 – Ability to live alone, as a couple, as a family and in society in fluidity and equality, without playing victims, executioners or saviours.

11 – Feeling responsible and happy to offer the world its dreams of an abundant, harmonious and peaceful future.

12 – Total acceptance of his presence on earth and willingness to choose at every moment, the beautiful, the good, the true and the living.

If you want to continue to live in fear, dependency, conflict, disease and conformity, avoid all contact with people with these symptoms.

This disease is extremely contagious!

If you already have symptoms, you should know that your condition is probably irreversible.

Medical treatment may temporarily make some symptoms disappear but cannot prevent the disease from progressing.

There is no vaccine against the disease.

Since this disease of happiness causes a loss of the fear of dying, which is one of the central pillars of modern materialistic society beliefs, social unrest is likely to occur, such as strikes of the bellicose mind and the need to be right, gatherings of happy people to sing, dance and celebrate life, sharing and healing circles, laughter tantrums and collective emotional release sessions.


Big Hug and big Sat Nam to all the infected!


Coco Tache supports

I have a dream. I dream that..


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