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7sky.life Connection VIII Lausanne Conference – dreaming & daring, 7th November 2019

We are predicted the 6th mass extinction, and we are never told about solutions to avoid disaster. Be there on November 7th!

4 conferences, 4 speakers, 4 highlights.

Welcome and networking from 18:00
Beginning of the Conference: 19:30
Entrance fee: CHF. 25
AHV & students: CHF. 15

Come directly to the site and you will be well welcomed or take your ticket –> Please click HERE

Society tells us to stop dreaming, and we stop dreaming. She tells us that daring is too risky, and we stop daring. We get used to a lukewarm life, we earn money, we build a family, we survive. From evening to evening, from weekend to weekend, from holiday to holiday. Until we wake up from this dormant state… to create an awakened dream. A dream of a life full of beauty, creativity, respect, joy, for us and for the planet. We then go off the beaten track, and start a new path. The one why we came to earth. With as our only baggage, our gifts and talents, and with the deep conviction that it is our dreams that create our reality.

The 8th edition of 7sky.life talks about dreams, and gives the word to 4 outstanding speakers, who dared to dream and to take a step into the unknown.

We look forward to welcoming Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois, reporter and initiator of Joy for the Planet, who has left the mainstream media circuit and their anxiety-provoking news to share beauty and sow joy aboard her Begoodee camper van. The boys from Picture Organic Clothing, Jérémy Rochet and Julien Durant, prove, by their example, that an ethical society in textiles is possible and that all doors open when the heart is at work. Claudio Alessi, a true white samurai, multiple world champion of martial arts and co-founder of the association No Difference, is going to give us some breathtaking examples. Jacques Rosset, teacher of sacred geometry and architect of the living, shows us what is happening in us when we follow our destiny in partnership with Gaia and the energies of the Phi code, the Golden Number.

The time is now.

We are also delighted to welcome on stage the artists Samah, who offers us her unifying OneDance, the virtuoso pianist César Correa with the natural born mover Celina Hwang and the incredible singer Kim, an example for all of us.

The evening is presented by Coco Tache and Baptiste Delalaye; and accompanied by Yves Ruhlmann at the piano.

Looking forward to welcoming you: The organizing team Nathalie, Julia, Magali, Simone, Méline, Valérie and Coco.

More information: dreamteam@7sky.life or 079/208 47 84

Be there: 7sky.life Connection VIII Lausanne – Dreaming & Daring
4 conferences, 4 speakers, 4 highlights

Thursday, 7th November Salle Paderewski
At the Casino de Montbenon Lausanne

Welcome and networking: 6pm
Start of the Conference: 7.30pm
End of the Conference: 10pm
Friendship glass at the Casino

Order and book your tickets, please click –> HERE
by email dreamteam@7sky.life,
or join directly the event.

Admission fee: CHF. 25.-
AHV & students : CHF. 15.-


Coco Tache supports

7sky.life Connection VI – by being love, only beauty can be created...


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