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Dive into the 7sky.life Connection Lausanne 23rd June!

Day-2 before a wonderful co-creation event!

Dive deep into a universe where creativity, contribution, individuals, initiatives and companies meet to bring more love and joy into our world. Be charmed, seduced, excited by outstanding speakers, their passion for their cause and their works that drive them. The time of the lonely wolf is over, live, feel the experience of joy in your heart while connecting to like minded people and be part of the Heart Connection Tribe.

Our speakers:

Jonathan Normand B-Corp: He’ll explain how the B-Corp Association will play a predominant role for the companies in our new world!

Sofia Meyer, Mrs. Opaline: She’ll demonstrate an exemplary society with a fruit juice production in the art of organic, ethical and human.

Marc-Antoine Burgener, Romain Magnin and Adam Bonvin unveil Alaïa, their sport action center in Crans-Montana and wave-garden that will emerge in 2017 and 2018.

Marie Majkowiez FJML contributes to the balance of flora and fauna in the reintegration of wolves in their natural habitat.

Niklas Van Neyghem, Olivier Eyries, Guillaume Granelli, Nicolas Vos and Clément Perrin show us with Share a Dream how we can all commit ourselves to foreign humanitarian causes.

Valeria Kechichian brings with her worldwide largest boardsportmovement Longboard Girls Crew gender equality.

Our artist Nicolas Bamert opens a look into his magical fantasy world.

Robin Finger invites us and his 2,3 mio followers to discover the world and nature with his instagram page Discoverearth and live events.

Annika and Jessica Horn expose us how one lives as daughters next to a great explorer who has changed thousands of lives.

And finally, Coco Tâche-Berther and her webmaster Myriam Bron expose 7sky.life …

We are wonderfully supported by our dear partners: Swisscom, Henniez, euforia, My Playground and Be Curious,

And will evolve along the evening to the sounds of Aurelia Rentsch and dancer Lilian Durey,

followed by Pat Burgener and his band,

and dance until the dance fever leaves us for that night by DJ Gregory alias G96 and Lucien Meylan alias Ryangel .

Coco Tache supports

''7sky.life - Building a beautiful world''


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