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Wow! It was more than a conference! Sharing, benevolence and love transcended this beautiful evening. Quality speakers, with their first quality their heart, the essence of life!

After such an evening, one wakes up with balm in the heart, wings ready to fly even further, but above all an absolute Faith in humanity.

When we listen to the media, to some people, hope in mankind, in life, is often lacking.

Indeed, there is a lot of turbulence these times, between climate disasters, some beings who perpetuate to hide their face and continue over-consuming, famine, while we have enough to eat for the whole planet if only we were less individualistic and more in a general equilibrium.

All this to tell you, after this little statement of some of the terrible evidence that is happening on earth, that there is really <<hope>>.

That evenings like 7sky.life Connection allow us to refocus and realize that there is also a large number of people on our wonderful earth, benevolent, filled with beautiful intentions and exemplary actions, which it is good to get inspired from. That with an awakening of consciousness and the desire to move towards a new world that leaves individualism for a community, anything is possible! Together we can make this world a better place. Moreover, when one << chooses >> his environment well, one can realize that together, by supporting each other, we go much further.

Tonight, Coco Tâche, founder of the 7sky.life Connection, showed us all that uniting under the same roof gives wings to the whole community and allows it to radiate and spread this beautiful energy, beyond an evening, beyond Lausanne, mountains and borders.

That’s why, I invite you, to dare to take your pen (electronic, Lol), and to share your own inspiring stories on www.7sky.life.

Yesterday, amazing speakers, inspiring and resourceful, took their time to share with us their experiences but especially the keys that carry them and allow them to live a life full of meaning.

Thanks to Sofia De Meyer & Iker Aguirre, for opening the evening with a solemn moment by inviting us to pay attention to our hearts, the people besides us, and how great our inner potentials are if we listen to ourselves, to our true nature.

Iker Aguirre, entrepreneur, lecturer, humanist.

Sofia De Meyer, co-founder of Opaline Factory, conceived around an ecosystem where the actors of the supply chain adhere to the notions of benevolence.

Thanks to Alyna Rouelle, speaker and author of the book: ‘The Nutrition of Freedom’ to share with us her way of life, so far atypical for many, but which shows us that we have at our disposal wonderful life tools .

Thank you Baptiste Delalay, speaker, specialist of motivation, for having opened his heart to us, his journey, to show us that in all difficulties, we hold in us an invaluable “strength of spirit” that allows us to climb mountains and to get to the top, no matter the conditions of life that we go through.

Thanks to Barbara Steudler, founder of NiceFuture and Nice Transition & Ernst Zürcher, author of the book ‘Trees between Visible and Invisible’ which both, inhabited by love for nature, the forest, the living in its entirety, show us that we are “all” part of this same ecosystem, that we are one and the same great family, and that caring one for another is precious. That it is urgent to find the bond with nature, because we are interdependent and that together we will save the living.

Thanks to Gwennoline, our glittering presenter of the evening, for highlighting each speaker. Gwennoline is a journalist, interviewer, carrier of beautiful subjects, from inspiring people, for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to all the wonderful people present tonight, with whom we shared this exquisite moment.

And of course, a special thank you goes to Coco Tâche, for being so radiant, filled with love for “all” living beings, including her mission of life that she has chosen: gathering. To make this world a world where it is good to live, to simply “be”.

I will conclude with this wonderful Hawaiian wisdom << Ho’oponopono >>, healer of all evils.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.


Hulin Audrey supports

La force de l'Ho'oponopono - technique de guérison


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