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5G – Letter for politicians and members of the authorities

By Christina von Dreien / News from May 5, 2019

Hello dear ones,

The flashmob from 19.05.2019 cannot be executed. Details can be found in the newsletter, which will be sent today and linked on this page. Therefore you can find underneath a text, which you can send to politicians and authorities (communes, cantons, federal parliament, specialist bodies) on 19.05.2019. Please inform events@christinavondreien.ch where you have sent this letter, whether by mail or e-mail.

Thank you for your help, cooperation and support.



Dear politicians and members of the authorities,

You were democratically elected to your positions by us, the Swiss people. In your function you are obliged to act to the best of your knowledge and belief for the good of the people.

Without providing the population with comprehensive and truthful information about the 5G technology and its life-threatening effects, you have sold the health of humans, fauna and flora to Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt for around one billion Swiss francs.

There is an unbelievable wealth of in-depth studies that confirm the fact that 5G causes the greatest damage to all living organisms. (See links underneath.)

For this reason, we ask you to IMMEDIATELY STOP the illegal installation of 5G antennas or the conversion of existing 4G masts to the 5G frequency. This practice is taking place throughout Switzerland at a rapid pace and without any building permit that would be required. You are obliged to ensure that these laws are complied with.

We also call on you to submit proof to the Swiss population by 15 June 2019 that this technology, which can also be used as a weapon for military purposes and has already been used, is harmless to human-, animal- and plant health.

The proof of this should come from scientists who are completely independent and whose studies and findings have not been paid for by agencies that are enriching themselves with the worldwide introduction of 5G technology.

If, as a public body, you do not have the authority to comply with our demands, we ask you to forward this letter to the appropriate authority. If they have done so, we ask them to notify us. You can contact us by e-mail: events@christinavondreien.ch

It cannot be that without any examination of the health consequences for the entire population such a technology is to be introduced everywhere. 5G is capable of seriously damaging the entire life of humans, animals and plants in Switzerland and on the entire planet.

The Swedish neurosurgeon Professor Laf Salford said quite loudly: “The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves via a mobile phone is the largest biological experiment on humans”.

It is your duty to inform yourself about these findings and to provide the Swiss population with this information. It is also your duty to find out what the alternatives to 5G would be, as there is clear evidence that it would be possible to transmit the same amount of data with much less impact via a fibre optic network.

Conclusion: As our elected representatives, we ask you to handle information about 5G in a transparent and responsible way. We require that you think and act independently and inform yourself comprehensively about the dangers of 5G.

It is your duty to avert danger from the people, that is what you were elected for. We demand proof of the harmlessness of 5G by 15 June 2019 and an immediate halt to the construction of the antenna systems and the expansion of the 5G network and, if already connected, the immediate shutdown of the antennas.

Here is a small selection from an abundance of independent, serious studies.

https://youtu.be/EixOFXQJx10 (Barry Trower German part 1)
https://youtu.be/7gJb4NhDYsE (Barry Trower German part 2) (Note: Barrie Trower has worked as a radiation expert for the military intelligence services MI5 and MI6 in England since the 1960s. He interviewed spies and was able to obtain evidence and facts about the effects of radiation on humans, animals and plants and how radiation frequencies should be used. Very factual and well-founded)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9C1jehhXRs 3:30 min

Co-translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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Ist unser Bundesrat über die Auswirkungen des 5G gut informiert ?


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