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Lancement ‘live’ de la plateforme web 7sky.life le 31 mai à Genève

Press release

Tuesday 31st, May 2016, Uptown Geneva, 7.30 pm

After two years of work and reflection, 7sky.life, a participative and collaborative media, is born. The web platform will be unveiled to the audience with the attendance of the partners, the personalities and the companies who support the initiative as well as the foundations supported by 7sky.life, such as Solyna Foundation which fights to eradicate sexual trafficking.

We are more and more people to wish a human-centered society focusing on the well-living together in harmony with our environment. Civil society mutiplies initiatives which contribute to creating tomorrow’s world. This civilization of sharing, of co-creation is already rooted in our present: renewal of mutualized structures and cooperatives, banks based on micro-credit, participative economy, circular economy, teleworking, economy functioning according to green principles, cleanup of cities, agro-ecology and development of urban agriculture… show us the path  gradually moving away from an economy solely focused on profit.

Those positive initiatives occuring more and more often happen in a scattered way and do not share a link with one another though they all have the same goal: to change the world with the weight of innovative, positive and durable ideas…

Our goal through 7sky.life is therefore to reunite, federate, show and support them. Whether these initiatives are individual or collective, each man or woman has their word to say, their stone to bring to the building of this world in which we believe. Our ambition is thus to contribute to the bettering of our society by sharing inspiring stories. For sharing the story which has inspired or touched you is a gift. It is a gift you make to others, to the world and to yourself.

7sky.life is a collaborative and co-creative media: this web platform is a sharing space informing ‘positively’ through words, images, stories, videos… 7sky.life is therefore a media, your media. It is envisioned in a collaborative way for each one can publish in it the story which has inspired him or her. It provides visibility to original initiatives, products made with care and respect, companies standing out from the rest with their long-term vision and with fascinating passionate individuals.

‘With more than 25 years of experience in the world of communication, press and edition especially through 7sky magazine, we have been very privileged to meet women, men, outstanding intitiatives and companies. So it naturally happened that a vision taking the shape of an ambitious 7sky.life website showed us the way to grow. This dynamic interactive platform of sharing and information is based on positive, love and responsibility values bringing more joy and creativity in everyday life. 7sky.life believes in the power of the blossoming individual, able to make a difference in our society, in our world.’ Coco Tâche-Berther, founder of 7sky.life

Press contact: Coco Tâche-Berther / coco@7sky.life / 079 208 47 84

Be there for yourself and for all those surrounding you. Be part of the community.

With the warm-hearted presence of :

.Vincent Pignon, advisory council of 7sky.life and President of thel’Association Suisse de Crowdfunding

.Enza Testa Haegi, 7sky.life ambassador, publisher of Extension magazine and President of the Circle of Company Leaders

With the inspiring presence of :

. Coco Tâche-Berther founder of 7sky.life

.Jonathan Normand, advisory council of 7sky.life, co-founder of Codethic representing Bcorp Switzerland

.Solyna Foundation, partnership initiative with 7sky.life, Chris Wolf, president of the association Somaly Mam, founder, Anne-Lynne McCord, international committed actress and of Ling Ya Chea, victim of sexual traffic.

With the bubbly presence of :

. Sacha, 7sky.life dreamteam, singer and songwriter

Come along with friends, it is free, and every person is warmly welcome.

Link for the registration : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/7skylife-connection-geneva-tickets-25720883856?aff=ebrowse#tickets

A big thank you to our partners supporting us:

. To Christophe Kienberger for Henniez

. To Res Witschi, Tim Alexander, Thomas Rieder, Sascha Bianchi, Fabian Koch, Ursula Darmstädter, Björn Schaeffner & Simon Hofmann for Swisscom

. ToMyriam Bron and Aurore Donné for ShareIdeas.ch


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